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Real World Impact

Insights from 42 Wolfsburg Alumni, Kristiyana

42 Wolsfburg alumni

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Where Should You Learn to Code; University, Bootcamp, or 42 Berlin?


We sat down with some students who have experience in the respective options to tell us some defining features that may be a make or break when it comes to deciding which one is for you. Let’s go!

Alexandra Cardenas Algorave at 42 Berlin

#Algorave in the 42 Berlin Spaceship


Alexandra Cárdenas, a live coding artist whose work focuses on the algorithmic behaviour of music. The concert took place at the 42 Berlin campus in Neukölln and contained a novel listening experience: Alexandra presented an hour-long, live coding performance in which concertgoers watched and heard how music is created through algorithms in real time.

Do you want to build a robot? The Fab Lab by 42 Berlin & Workish

We pay homage to a magical creative space in 42 Berlin. The Fab Lab is a maker space, creative space and hardware lab located in the basement of our campus and is free for 42 students to use! 

software engineers outside

Community is Everything

Our peer-learning methodology puts community at the centre of everything. The encouragement of collaboration over competition is felt throughout every aspect of campus life, resulting in a more holistic approach to coding education that has seen connection on our campus thrive.

Student Stories: The Freeze

What does it mean to freeze your studies? And what are some unlikely gifts this hiccup may provide? We talk to Pritika Raj, a 42 Berlin student, to discuss her experience in the 42 learning journey.

How can we use AI to harness the health of our cities?

The idea of AI evolving alongside our society can seem quite ominous, but let’s forget about that for one second and, instead, ponder the question:In what instances could it be truly better for the planet to hand over some affairs to the intelligent machine? 

We talk to Josephine Hintz, doctoral researcher into cities’ use of AI for climate change mitigation, about just this

Advice from a #42Berlin student

What would it actually be like to study with us?

A 42 Berlin student lets us in on her Piscine learnings and offers some advice for those who are considering joining the 42 Berlin community. 

Live-coding, Piano & Trumpet. #42Berlin comes to life in a new way

It is not everyday that we can marvel at live & multi-disciplinary music before our very eyes. Well, a couple of weeks ago, on the #42Berlin campus, we got the chance to do just that.   

Digital X 2023

Mathilde Marie Monge, student of 42 Berlin, writes about her experience of the annual Digital X conference in Cologne and the importance of putting humans at the heart of the digital revolution.

Creative Coding in RAW form

In this exclusive interview, we speak to live-coding duo RAW about their respective journeys into the creative coding field, how their unconventional path has evolved, as well as their advice for creatively motivated software engineers.

Students talk: The Piscine

42 Berlin student advice and insights on the Piscine experience to help you get a better idea of what awaits.

Real World Impact

Insights from 42 Wolfsburg Alumni, Kristiyana

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