ALGORAVE // A musical journey into code

42 Berlin presents an evening where code turns into deconstructed techno! Join us Friday 18th November @ 18:30 on the 42 Berlin campus: Harzerßrasse 42, Neukölln. The artist, Alexandra Cardenas, will perform and offer a mini live-coding workshop to attendees. The event is free to attend, but RSVP is required.

Join us on November 18th

Through this event, we aim to show the incredible creative career paths available through code. Alexandra is a woman who has taken the tech and music world by storm, and provides much needed inspiration for aspiring coders. Read below for more about Alexandra’s journey.


The evening will contain a novel listening experience; Alexandra will perform an hour long live coding performance, where you will watch and hear how music is created through algorithms in real time. Alexandra will take some time to explain how live coding works and answer questions. Bring your laptops along to participate to the max. During the evening, you will also get to know a little bit about 42 Berlin.


Register to 42 Berlin here and RSVP to the performance  below. Spaces are limited so be quick!

Meet The Artist: Alexandra Cárdenas

Alexandra Cárdenas is a composer / programmer / improviser / live coder. Her work focuses on the algorithmic behaviour of music, and the exploration of musicality within code.  


Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Alexandra studied Composition at the Los Andes University in the city, and went onto complete a Sound Studies and Sonic Arts Master’s Degree at Universität der Künste, Berlin. Besides her live-coded music works, she has composed contemporary pieces for orchestra, ensembles, and soloists, and worked with theatre companies in Mexico, Belgium, and Germany. She is a core member of the international algorave community and performs worldwide using the live coding platforms SuperCollider and TidalCycles.


With a background in classical music, Alexandra felt the need to move to open source software to liberate her work “aesthetically and technically from consumerism.” On the live-coding community in Mexico-city, where Alexandra has organised two festivals, she says: “Live coders are quite an inclusive and transparent community, and this is very important in such a troubled country with so much discrimination against women, and with such racial and other social issues. It opens a safe space to create. This is the hacker philosophy. And generally speaking, the mix of artists and hackers tend to be a happy mix.”


Find Alexandra on IG: @tiemposdelruido

Find Alexandra’s releases on Discogs here.

42 Berlin. Who are we?

42 Berlin is a tuition-free programming school that accepts students from all backgrounds, with or without previous coding experience. Through a unique gamified and hands-on learning approach, students learn from and with their peers by collaborating on projects and earning experience points to progress through different levels – all without professors or textbooks.


42 Wolfsburg/Berlin is based on the educational paradigm of École 42, which was founded in France in 2013. The main goal was to develop a learning method that trains highly qualified digital specialists in order to counter the shortage of skilled tech workers in France. Then, in August 2020, movers and shakers from the Volkswagen Group, the city of Wolfsburg, and local businesses decided to bring the educational concept to Germany as well. Thus, 42 Wolfsburg was born. At the same time, another 42 campus was founded in the city of Heilbronn, where it’s supported by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. In 2022, a third campus opened in Berlin.