We offer advanced, world-class coding education - tuition free. We welcome in beginners and advanced coders from every type of background.

Why Choose 42 Berlin?

100% Cost Free

We are an NGO. This means that our partners provide us with donations to provide our education and facilities for free. There is no catch.

Baby-Friendly Campus

Our campus in Neukölln is open 24/7. We provide a baby-friendly room that you and your child can enjoy shoe-free at any time. We have yoga and nap rooms and welcome in furry friends too.

A Radical Approach to Learning

Our peer2peer learning approach allows students to learn programming from and with each other; learning to learn without any central authority figure. The pedagogical staff are ever present to support and motivate students, but not to teach. At 42, teamwork is just as vital as ownership of one’s own educational journey.

Specialise & Start Your Career

In roughly 18 months, we train top software talent to become full-stack junior developers. Students who choose to continue with us for 1-3 years, will get hired as specialized software engineers, reaching master level.

On top of in depth specialisation, studies include two 6 month apprenticeships or internships; either at one of our partners or at a company or NGO of your choice.

Web & App Development

Learn to find technical solutions adapted to mobile devices and analyse needs based on client’s specifications. Working with applications, this specialisation delves into mobile development languages ​​and frameworks.


Not only about defending against hackers, cybersecurity ensures services, sites, applications and software are robust and in compliance with data protection laws. One of the most comprehensive fields in IT today, it requires good quality programming and the ability to analyse and extrapolate information.

Data Science

Analyse substantial amounts of data and understand how and why the storage, analysis, and  application of data are the foundations and future of technology.

Artificial Intelligence 

In this fast evolving field, professions in this domain are still emerging. Some current examples of professions available to those who specialise in AI are: AI Architect, Machine Learning Developer, Machine learning engineer.

Graphics & Video Game Development

Use your skills to create simulations, visualisations and games. This stimulating specialisation will give you the chance to create code that will engage the world.

Operating Systems

Specialise in and learn about the backbones of the major servers in production today.

Automotive Software & Mobility

Get the chance to explore the programming behind autonomous driving and discover the future of sustainable mobility.

The 42 Berlin Application Process


Online Game

Once you register, you’ll play two logical games that will be your first taste of the 42 coding experience.


Introduction Meeting

In this online meeting, you’ll learn more about 42 Berlin and we’ll answer any questions you may have.


4-Week Selection Test

The “Piscine” is an immersive coding experience where you’ll find out if 42 Berlin is right for you. Once you pass this, you’re ready to officially become a 42 Berlin student!


42 Berlin’s collaborative ethos extends to our partner companies across academia, the industry and government to ensure 42 and our students are deeply embedded in a local, national and international ecosystem. Our partners help us enhance the education we provide for you, offering scholarships, internships, mentoring, and other projects. When we work together, we work better.

The 42 Berlin Impact Report

The 2022 impact report documents 42 Berlin’s and 42 Wolfsburg’s shared and individual missions and achievements, who we are and what we believe in. It is a beautiful record of how far we’ve come and a reminder of where we have to go.


Read the Full Report Here

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