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The start up scene is unrivalled. The culture is diverse. The cost of living is low. You will learn to code in a digitally advanced city that will offer you a web of connections and job opportunities. This will be a huge advantage when jumping into a new career. It's Berlin, baby! Need we say more? Now let's get into the details ...

Did You Know ...

Coding can bring career opportunity, as well as joy and personal confidence

One study estimates 80% of US employees to be unhappy in their jobs. What a sad statistic. Society teaches us that we graduate, choose a career and, just like that, we’re forever satisfied. But it ain’t so simple. We’re constantly evolving and our careers should reflect this. Why are we here if not to enjoy what we do? Read this 42 student’s story to feel inspired. Change your career to coding if you think it could uplift your life.

85% of 2030's jobs are yet to be discovered

A study by Dell, says 85% of 2030’s jobs haven’t been discovered yet. And, yep, most of them will be in the digital technology field. 42 Berlin’s vast curriculum will prepare you for all the new to come. When you finish your studies, you will be specialized and 100% employable. 

Coding can provide financial security

A developer’s average salary in Germany has increased substantially over the last few years, and is predicated to continue to do so. In this way, a skillset in coding could provide financial security. This report positions Berlin as one of the best locations for a career in coding: high salaries paired with a low cost of living. 

What will 42 offer you?

100% employability

Get this. After finishing their studies: 100% of our students find employment, 89% are hired for permanent projects, and 12% create their own start-up.

No tuition fees!

42 Berlin is 100% tuition free. And always will be. You may need some savings to support you while you study. But we won’t be taking anything from your bank account.

4-Week Introduction to Coding

In our Piscine, you will be immersed in our educational model for a month. We will cover the coding basics here. During this time, you will find out if 42 Berlin is for you. You will have no obligation to carry on if not.

Networking opportunities

We connect you to companies for paid internships while you study with us. This will help build your professional connections for your future career in and outside of Berlin. Lots of our students find jobs before they even graduate! 

Ethical Value

42 Berlin follows the École 42 pedagogy. This provides you with the soft skills and values to thrive in the working world. In fact, we just ranked #1 in WURI’s list of universities with Ethical Value. 

Radical Inclusion

Applicants with protected characteristics (including but not limited to age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation, refugee status) who meet the requirements will be treated with priority. We believe inclusion is the first step to making tomorrow better than today.

We know that changing career can be daunting. At 42 Berlin, we’ll try to help in every way we can.

You've Got This

If you're feeling tempted, it's not without reason. So many people are stuck in jobs they don't like. Don't be one of them. Your age does not matter. Nor does your previous job experience. All you need is a willingness to learn and a passion for helping the world's digital future. Milton Berle says, "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." With 42 Berlin, you pick the direction and we'll provide the keys.

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