The 42 Curriculum

Scroll down to discover the 42 Berlin curriculum. Don't have coding experience? Don't worry. We start from the basics and work our way up.

What will you learn?

The Content

The 42 Berlin curriculum follows that of École 42 from Paris. This innovative model integrates the 42 pedagogy. The structure allows students to use their knowledge practically and alongside their peers. We have over 12,000 students thriving throughout 42 campuses the world over. Within this educational model, we help you learn coding from scratch. We accommodate students who have no prior coding knowledge, and strengthen the foundations of those that do. Of course, our peer-to-peer learning model is not for everyone, and our Piscine is the perfect place to dip your toes in before beginning. From there, the core curriculum provides a solid base from which students can dive into their specializations.

The 42 Berlin syllabus kicks off with the core curriculum. This begins after students pass the month-long Piscine. This launching point is the same for all and provides a foundation of soft and hard skills. The time this takes varies for each student, but we recommend a timeframe of 12 months. Here, students will cover a lot of basics. These include: C programming, developing simple software using classic algorithms, discovering access to the file system, and learning UNIX process management. It also includes an introduction to network architecture, as well as system administration. The difficulty of the content will gradually increase and, once these projects are completed, students will get the chance to bring the core curriculum to a close through their first internship …

Here is the chance to put all newfound skills into professional practice. It is the time to get better oriented in the tech world and figure out what to pursue. This internship may last 4-6 months. After this, students can transfer to any other campus for specialization.

This is the main part of the curriculum. It’s when students have the freedom to choose what they would like to study. Here, students can tackle classical digital and programming fields. These include: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, mobile application development, operating systems, web, and many more. It focuses on collaboration, as well as neutrality towards brands, technologies, and languages. Students will diversify their skills and expertise. This creates versatile skill sets that will prove useful after your studies. 

We structure our projects like a blossoming tree. Once a project is complete, students move to the next branch until it splits. This allows students to discover multiple aspects of coding and IT. Each student’s journey will be unique, experimenting with different projects and specialization paths.

The curriculum closes with a final internship. This can also include projects with exclusive partners, other schools, or an entrepreneurial program. These professional environments will make students ready to face whatever awaits after 42 Berlin. It’s up to each student to decide when they stop the curriculum to become an Alumni.

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