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Real World Impact: Insights from 42 Wolfsburg Alumni, Kristiyana

The 42 method challenges convention. By replacing teachers and fixed schedules with with peer-learning and practical methods, software engineers that graduate from 42 have extremely sought after skillsets. 42 students dive into their careers with, not only a rich and flexible foundation of hard skills, but also faculties of communication, collaboration and an open-minded approach to problems. This is what we believe sets our students apart from those who have gone through more classical learning systems. 

It is for this reason that 42 graduates are in high demand, finding opportunities in leading tech organisations, confident in entrepreneurial endeavours and can adapt their skills to fit a range of sectors. 

We sit down with Kristiyana Milcheva, Alumni of 42 Wolfsburg and full-time Junior Software Engineer at Turbit to talk about her experience of the 42 methodologies and how they come into play in the practical realm of the working world. 

Life After 42

  • Problem-solving skills developed at 42, provide our students with the analytical ability to think on the spot, to approach unprecedented projects and challenges with confidence. The belief that failing is fine is so deeply embedded in our ethos, that 42 graduates enter the working world with a refusal to quit when faced with hiccups, and the determination to encourage their teams to do the same.


  • Communication & collaboration skills are a part of 42 students’ daily lives. To pass projects and evaluations, students must learn how to effectively communication, give and receive constructive feedback, and work together. This is a skill our graduates go on to use in every realm of their career and wider life. By being a great team player, 42 Alumni are incredible assets to their team and foster a productive atmosphere that can persevere through tough challenges.


  • The community present across 42 campuses show our students the importance of support, kindness and the sharing of knowledge. This leaves our students with the desire to help create such safe and inclusive spaces in any environment they choose to go onto. 


It is no secret that the world is tech is evolving at unprecedented speed. Therefore, to provide our students with transferable skills is of the utmost importance. It fills us with pride to see our graduates thriving in their world beyond 42. 

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