⏳ 21.08.2023

Do you want to build a robot? The Fab Lab by 42 Berlin & Workish

When you join 42 Berlin you will be entering a world where high quality software engineering education is free, a world where like-minded coders and community surround you, and you will gain access to a whole campus of facilities to use when and as you like. Essentially, you get a new place to call home. 

Today, we would like to pay some well deserved respect to a beautiful feature of our campus. Today, we introduce the 42 Berlin & Workish Fab Lab; a maker space, creative space and hardware lab located in the basement of our campus in Neukölln, Berlin. A truly creative playground to make all your DIY tech dreams come true. 

Created and run in collaboration with Workish Berlin, The Fab Lab (short for the Fabrication Laboratory) offers its members the opportunity to play around with 3D printers, laser cutters, textile experimentation, woodwork, DIY workshops from external experts and more. After completing projects in the 2D world of coding upstairs, students can make their way down to our basement space to bring their ideas to 3D life.

So many incredibly inspired projects have already emerged from the FabLab by our students and members and the space offers a practical respite from the world of coded computer screens. Well, code surely plays its part in the lab too but in different forms. From 3D printed masterpieces, keyboard creations, self-levelling platforms, to music synthesisers and a whole lot more.

What’s more, the space comes as aesthetically decked out as it does technically. Furnished with a lush leather sofa, retro decor and a lovely coffee machine, oh and also a bike repair section. There is a no limit to what can be done in the Fab Lab. 

But don’t take our word for it. We sat down with some pivotal players in the Fab Lab game to hear what their experience has been like so far. 

Graham, Fab Lab manager & 42 Berlin student, gave us this perspective: 

My experience with the FabLab has been one the highlights of deciding to study at 42 Berlin and it’s really a pleasure to be able to work here. For me the lab works in perfect balance with the coding we do at the school. FabLab projects can still be technical but are more hands-on and allow you to follow your own path. I’ve been involved since the start and have really seen the space take shape. Over the past six months our focus has shifted from setting up equipment in the space to really building a community.

Alongside the other managers Lenny, Denis and Carina, we are now managing a team of around fifteen volunteers who keep the space open and organised. We do our best to spread the knowledge we’ve built up and encourage our members to put their own stamp on the space. We’re hoping to strengthen this further over the next months by inviting more guests to come into the space and run workshops or host meetups here. If you know of anyone with a cool project they’d like to share, get in touch!

One of the things I’m most proud of here so far was the Makerthon we ran a few months ago. Despite the summer heat we had thirty participants sawing, soldering and completing six different starter projects we came up with. We hope to do this again very soon!”

& Amadou, a 42 Berlin student had this to say: 

“Becoming self sufficient has been one of my biggest dreams and the FabLab space has helped me take a big leap towards that goal. I have learned 3d printing, created custom made objects for my house (curtain holder, camera accessory, bedsheet holder, phone case, … ) as well as learning laser cutting and manufacturing custom made gifts for my family. I have also taken part in some soldering workshops. I had the chance to take part in the FabLab hackhaton (makerthon),  where I built a shelf out of a transpalette which I now use daily. I’ve gotten better at fixing my bike thanks to all the lab tools and help from other members.”


Check out some of these projects & action shots from inside the FabLab: 

To become a member head to the official FabLab page. Members of the public must pay a membership fee, however Fab Lab membership is free for students of 42 Berlin.

Seeee you in the DIY den soon. 😉

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