Introducing: SPOTLIGHT

Step into the 42 Berlin spotlight and meet experts from across industry & academia on a range of topics. During our Spotlight Series, we will host evenings full of learning on the 42 Berlin campus. Here, attendees will have the opportunity to make connections, gain insights, and leave with a greater understanding of our spotlight topics Our speakers will focus on their learnings, hopes & failures!

Coming up next on the Spotlight Calendar:





Spotlight Sustainability & AI – 15th June 2023




PRIDE Spotlight – 18th July 2023




Spotlight AI & Digital Health – 27th September 2023




Spotlight Digital Mobility – 11th October 2o23


If this happens to be your first time visiting 42 Berlin, after the talks you will have a chance to learn more. We will take you for a campus tour and have a Q&A session for those interested.

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42 Berlin is a tuition-free programming school that accepts students from all backgrounds, with or without previous coding experience. Through a unique gamified and hands-on learning approach, students learn from and with their peers by collaborating on projects and earning experience points to progress through different levels – all without professors or textbooks.


42 Wolfsburg/Berlin is based on the educational paradigm of École 42, which was founded in France in 2013. The main goal was to develop a learning method that trains highly qualified digital specialists in order to counter the shortage of skilled tech workers in France. Then, in August 2020, movers and shakers from the Volkswagen Group, the city of Wolfsburg, and local businesses decided to bring the educational concept to Germany as well. Thus, 42 Wolfsburg was born. At the same time, another 42 campus was founded in the city of Heilbronn, where it’s supported by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. In 2022, a third campus opened in Berlin.