⏳ Monday 23rd – Friday 27th October 2023, 10:00 – 17:00 CET

Discovery Piscine @ 42 Berlin

If you are between 16-20 years old and want to dive into the world of code for a week, join us for a Discovery Piscine on our campus in Neukölln. 

The Discovery Piscine consists of a 5 day exploration into the basics of web development. We will cover HTML, CSS & Javascript. 

This is perfect for high school students who are beginners to code, but we also welcome those with a bit more experience. 

The Discover Piscine is completely free. 

Beginner friendly

It is the perfect way to trial out the world of coding

Coding education: Peer-to-peer pedagogy​ pictogram

Uses Peer-Learning

Just like our curriculum, you will learn will the help of your peers and soft skill development

100% free

You will not have to pay a penny, we are a non-profit and provide all our education for free

We use the 42 Method

This involves:

Project Learning: You will work on a practical project to create a website from the ground up. 

Gamified Approach: Just like the 42 Berlin official curriculum, this discovery Piscine is designed to be immersive and interactive, keeping you engaged and motivated. 

Daily Involvement: We ask you to be on our campus each day from 10:00 – 17:00 CET. In this way, you will not only learn to code, but meet our community.

Why join?

Once you complete these 5 days, you will have learnt a whole new set of skills, as well as identified if coding is a field you would like to pursue. 

If you are a student, in high school or above, this could help you define your next step once you graduate. You can try out our methods and know if its the school for you once you’re over 18! 

On top of this, you will meet a whole new community and have access to the facilities on our campus. 

Ok ... Let's go!

To apply, all you need to do it fill out the Sign Up form and we will get back to you with further information. 

If you have any questions, please write to us via: contact@42berlin.de

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