We are a non-profit coding school offering software engineering education completely tuition free. By making tech education more accessible and inclusive, we empower the next generation of coders.

Founded in 2021 and based in central Neukölln, we train our students up to the equivalent of Master’s level and implement peer-learning methodologies that give autonomy to each student.

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42 Berlin Staff

Meet the people who make 42 Berlin possible: 

Adrian Peña

Pedago Intern

After Adrian finished the 42 core curriculum in 42 Malaga, he was looking for a new challenge that lead him to 42 Berlin. Adrian loves the pedagogical system and wanted to try new things. His mission at 42 is to learn and help others to learn, as he believes community growth is the most powerful tool to grow personally and professionally.


Amadou Guede

Marketing Intern

Amadou is a 42 Berlin student and is completing an internship with the marketing team alongside his studies.
Before joining 42, Amadou graduated from a business engineering bachelor’s degree, however he felt the need to broaden his horizons. He decided to move to Berlin to study computer science, and learn a new language and culture along the way. Having always been interested in YouTube, he started his own channel and taught himself how to make videos. His focus today, is on content that is interesting, meaningful and helpful. Amadou uses his content creation skills in video production for the marketing team, as well as helping out with a range of other tasks.

Bogdan Tudor

Operations Assistant

Bogdan is a 42 Berlin student, while assisting the Operations team. After completing the Highschool of Arts, he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Timișoara (FAUT) in 2017 and completed a master’s degree in Urban Planning (UAT) at the same university in 2020. He worked as an intern for almost a year at Studio Bargone, a famous architecture firm in Rome, Italy. After returning to Romania, he worked in the faculty as an assistant in Architecture Planning and also in an architecture studio (D Proiect). In Berlin since 2012, Bogdan worked as an intern for Studio Burdakov, where he focused on various projects with architectural themes. Today, he still collaborates with the studio but as a freelancer.

Carina Estévez

Fab Lab Manager

Carina is one of our Fab Lab managers and students. She enjoys spending time exchanging ideas not only about code but about life hacks, arts, synthesizers and almost anything else! Carina loves spending time in the FabLab; from helping set up to guiding people and learning about their projects. Before joining 42, Carina worked as a nurse in diverse environments including; residences for elderly people, outpatient care services, different wards of the hospital … until ending up working at the intensive care, which had always been her goal. Once the pandemic began, Carina changed my mind and quit her job. A friend of hers sent her the link for the 42 application platform and the rest is history. 
Now at 42, Carina’s personal mission is to encourage people to try new things and work together for a more beautiful and funny world.

Daniel Hadley

Pedagogy Co-Lead

Dan co-leads our pedagogy to ensure that each student has the best education possible, and works hard to provide a cutting edge learning environment that is optimised for problem solving, team work, and play. Dan studied languages and linguistics in Dublin, before transitioning to software engineering at the 42 Paris campus in 2016. He used his skills to build his own company and got selected to be part of the Future 40 2021 at Station F. Being a 42 alumni himself, Dan uses his first-hand experience of the programme to take students to the limits of their academic capabilities and desires, and prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

Hugo Kovac

Tech Intern

Hugo joins the 42 Berlin team from his studies with 42 Paris. He completed an internship in a French bank and voyaged to Berlin to discover a new city of tech. Hugo’s goal at 42 Berlin is to help students dive as deeply as possible into the subjects they love and learn alongside them. 

Jonas Hagedorn

Pedagogy Co-Lead

Jonas is the other beating heart of our pedagogy team and works to create the best school for future software engineers. After finishing high school, Jonas moved to Thailand to play online poker for a living, however his mind became fascinated by stochastics and statistics and he went on to study mathematics. Jonas worked as a Data Science Consultant for 3 years at Deloitte, before studying at 42 Heilbronn to understand the fundamentals of software development. Jonas very much integrates himself into the student community and is ready to solve any queries students may have.


Josef Sühr

Partnerships Lead

Leading our Partnerships at 42 Wolfsburg & 42 Berlin, Josef forges strategic alliances with the tech ecosystem. His mission at 42 is to leverage partnerships to create value for our students, to ensure the sustainable financial development of our schools and to spread our mission far and wide in the public arena.

Want to work with 42? Get in touch with Josef!


Karswaran Ganesh

Campus Life Manager

Kars is our Campus life Manager, working within the operations and pedagogy teams. He oversees the smooth running of the campus, as well as taking care of our community, planning events and getting everyone involved. Kars’s previous experience lies in gastronomy, managing the restaurant Mrs Robinson’s in Berlin, where he gained valuable experience in running a tight ship, and dealing with people from all walks of life. Kars’s personal mission at 42 Berlin is to provide a smiling face to anyone and everyone, and make each student feel like they are part of a genuine community.


Magdalena Skorupska

Marketing Lead

Magda, Head of Marketing & PR at 42, makes sure the 42 word is spread as far as possible. She coordinates all of our marketing projects that put our school on potential students’ radars. Magda is a lawyer by education and a digital marketeer by experience of over 8 years. After working for Marketing Agencies in New Zealand and Poland focusing on Search Engine Marketing, she moved deeper into the Marketing-Tech world in Berlin where she’s been leading Digital Marketing teams and Strategy since 2015. Coming from a family of teachers, Magda has seen the injustices of the educational first hand; millions of people struggle to find well-paid jobs, whilst completely unaware of their potential. On top of this, there is an immense gap in the market and a need for well educated coders. Magda believes 42 builds a bridge for so many people to gracefully enter a job they love and use their skillset to create powerful tech. 


Max the Dog

Chief Happiness Officer

Max is our Chief Happiness Officer. Orginally from Poland, Max moved to Berlin in 2019, hoping to spread his happiness to the people here. He joined the team with our campus life manager, Kars, and has been warming the hearts of all who walk the hallways of 42 Berlin. Max ensures that the community has a furry friend to cheer them up when they are down, and someone to play (and cuddle) with in between code.

Maxime Siffert

Education Assistant

Maxime’s journey to 42 Berlin has been driven by a passion for education and a desire to transform traditional learning paradigms. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature, he found his love for teaching as a French language instructor for foreigners. However, he soon realized that conventional classrooms didn’t align with his vision of effective education. After exploring diverse opportunities, Maxime stumbled upon 42 Berlin. Recognizing its innovative approach, he joined as a student and later became an Education Assistant.

Maxime’s mission at 42 Berlin is simple: empower students to excel. He focuses on time management, stress reduction, procrastination, and productivity to help them navigate their educational journey effectively. Together, we’re shaping the future of education, one step at a time.


Mia Jaccarini

Editorial & Communications Officer

Mia makes sure the 42 Berlin message is heard by those who need to hear it; using social media and other platforms of communication to share the school with the world and using exciting means to put sustainable coding in the spotlight. Mia studied English and Philosophy at university, before going on to teach English as a foreign language. Mia founded her own vintage company that highlighted the need for sustainability in all realms of life … including tech! Mia felt instantly at home in 42 Berlin where purpose and meaning is central to the ethos. Her personal mission in the team is to make sure 42’s message is understood and accessible to all those who will thrive here.


Pedro Ruiz

Developer & IT Specialist

Pedro has also joined the 42 team as a tech intern this year. Coming from Spain, Pedro has a background in Agriculture Engineering … so if you need help with plants, he’s your guy. After lots of contemplation during the pandemic, Pedro decided to join 42 Madrid and, after 1.5 years, he fell in love with the methodology and wanted to participate in offering an alternative to traditional education. Aside from Pedro’s on duty missions, he loves music (his band has reached over 1 million plays on Spotify!), is an avid chess player, and loves to make things … so you’ll probably spot him in the FabLab once it’s in action!


Vanessa Hernández Zambrano

Governance Officer

Vanessa works as the Governance Officer for both 42 Berlin and 42 Wolfsburg, as well as operating as the Assistant to Ralf, our CEO & headmaster. Vanessa is a multidisciplinary professional with a holistic approach to international relations and business, and with passion for meaningful work. She obtained her master’s degree in Public Policy at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy from the Uni Erfurt in 2022, and has developed her skills from previous experience in Ecuador, France and Germany at international institutions, NGOs and in the public sector. She has a particular interest in international affairs, development and governance, and is an active advocate for women’s empowerment, human and environmental rights. Having joined 42 Wolfsburg and Berlin in October 2022, she has her focus on contributing to the community and organisational structure with Ralf and the teams to support the unique 42 learning experience! Feel free give her a shout if you see her around, in particular about geeky stuff and music, which she is very fond of.


Viola Sommer

Operations Lead

As operations lead, Viola takes control of all things to do with the daily running of the school: the campus, financials, HR, recruitment, networking, office management … and the list goes on! Viola is a psychologist specialized in neurodiversity, however she spent 14 years in London where she founded a successful tech company employing autistic people as coders. Her creation became the largest social enterprise in the UK and attracted investment by Richard Branson and the Porsche family. In 2020, she moved to Berlin with her family and fell in love with 42. Viola’s passion lies in making tech more diverse and wanting to build a campus with maximum flexibility to accommodate for different needs, alongside a community that is at the forefront of innovation and inclusion in Germany.


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