Das 42 Curriculum

Das 42 Curriculum

We accommodate students who have no prior coding experience, and strengthen the foundations of those who do. During the core curriculum, you will build upon topics touched upon in the Piscine, leading right up to specialisation where you will be trained to the equivalent of Masters level in a field that interests you.

It is important to note that both the Piscine and the curriculum have been created as full time commitments and we highly recommend approaching them as such.

Our curriculum follows the framework created by École 42 in 2013. With 47+ campuses worldwide, the program has proven success through over 20,000 students and alumni around the globe. Once you join 42 Berlin, you will have the opportunity to communicate with all other 42 students in the world and even be able to switch campus for specialisation.

The 42 Berlin curriculum provides software engineers with expertise alongside fundamental soft skills. Our peer-to-peer learning methodology ensures that each student develops the wide range of skills that are needed to keep up with the fast-evolving world of tech. 

Our methodology truly unravels the belief that one size fits all. Unlike more traditional learning environments, there is no singular correct solution at 42 Berlin, but rather many unique answers that students must reach through their own practical and analytical means.

There are over 100 projects on offer in our curriculum and it is up to each individual student to choose which projects will shape their learning journey. In this way, each student’s path will look a little different. 

Upon completing projects, students will gain experience points (XP). However, there is no punishment for failing, it is all part of the process! Our gamified interface allows your new skills and rewards to be showcased on your personal Intranet profile. 

In its totality, our curriculum is a four-step extravaganza, steering students through a comprehensive foundation of code and allowing them to gain expert knowledge in a field of choice. 


(12-18 months)

First Paid

(4-6 months)


(Up to 5 years)

Final Paid

The core curriculum aims to give each student a rich and sturdy foundation, incorporating soft and hard skills alike. You will focus on C and C++ programming, work with classic algorithm softwares, discover file systems and understand the UNIX processes. Alongside this, you will touch upon network architecture, system administration, object-oriented programming, and client-server projects.

We structure our projects like a blossoming tree. Once a project is complete, you can move to the next branch until it splits. This allows you to discover multiple aspects of coding and IT. Each student’s journey will be unique, experimenting with different projects and specialisation paths.

You’ll cover the following topics in the core curriculum: Imperative programming in C, Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Data Structures & Algorithms, Concurrent programming, Network programming, Networks and Systems administration, Graphics programming, Web programming.

The core curriculum takes an average of 18 months of full-time study to complete, however this varies depending on how much time one dedicates to it. The maximum amount of time that can be spent on the curriculum is 24 months. 42 accommodates flexibility in schedule and pace, however we strongly recommend prioritising your studies over other activities while you’re here, as a certain amount of momentum is needed to progress well. 

Once you finish the core part of the curriculum, you will get the chance to put all your newfound knowledge and skills into professional practice. You will have direct access to the opportunities provided by our partner companies, including; Microsoft, VW, CARIAD, Capgemini, T-Systems, SAP, and Bayer. However, no student is under any obligation to work with any partner company if you do not wish to. We ensure that all internships uphold a certain standard to have true value and, by law, these internships are paid. This internship, which will include pair programming and mentorship, should provide you with a greater understanding of what you would like to further your career in. With this knowledge, it will be the perfect time to come back to specialise in this chosen field.

This is where things get super interesting. By specialising in a field of your choice, you will be trained up to the equivalent of masters level. Our specialisations change and update frequently, and they currently include: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, web and mobile app development, operating systems, graphical programming, SEA:ME and more.

You will not be obligated to stick to one specialisations, or see it through the the finish line if you do not want; but rather you will be given the flexibility to choose the projects that interest you as and when they do. When you would like to finish your studies to become an alumni is totally in your hands and it is not uncommon that students leave us earlier than expected due to the acquisition of their desired job. You will have the option to undertake this part of the program in any other 42 campus in the world.

The final internship is a 6 month internship that will incorporate all that has been learned thus far. By this time, you will be extremely qualified and more than ready to work in-projects that will take your skills to the next level. 

Some Example Projects


Ft_transcendence is where gaming truly meets programming. You will get the chance to recreate ‘79 Pong from scratch. You will gain practical experience by managing player registrations, progress tracking, scoring wins, using real-time chat and spectator functions. This project will be the final door out of the core curriculum, after which you will be ready for the next chapter for your learning journey. 


In miniRT, students will experience raytracing, a 3D rendering technique which revolutionises visual realism. Working with simulated light refraction and interaction with objects, this project uses high-end graphics hardware to create top notch video games. 


fract-ol is really a project of art and beauty. This tends to be one of the most immersive and hypnotic projects from start to finish. You will work to create infinite repeating patterns through graphical programming and learn to impact these beautiful creations in real-time. 

push_swap and lem_in

push_swap and lem_in are sequential projects that will refine your knowledge of computer algorithms. This project will require you to develop your skills of adaptation and precision, as well as your strategic abilities. An ant colony will be yours to guides to the exit of a maze in less than two seconds.

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